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Notes on a Bourbon Oaked Chocolate Mead

Notes On A Bourbon Oaked Chocolate Mead Reprinted with permission from Brandon Simmons I caramelized a 5 gallon bucket of honey to make multiple bochets (meads fermented with caramelized honey if you missed that). The process takes hours and must be done a little at a time, but the resulting character it gives a mead is magnificent. Multiple new flavor notes and a rich color from red to deep brown to black. This is one such
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DIY Carboy Cooling System

My first Rube Goldberg project consisted of putting a cooling system together using a digital controller and an ice chest. Basically, it consists of a 48 qt Coleman ice chest with a submersible fountain pump that pumps cold water through copper tubing wound around my glass carboys. I used about 40 feet of 3/8 ” copper tubing to circulate the water from a common fountain water pump running at about 180 gph. Using a small plastic
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Chris’s “Thai One On” Thai Curry Mead

This is not the kind of mead you will probably want to sit and drink glass after glass. It is a good novelty mead and would probably pair well with some salads. This is the second iteration of this mead. The first was pretty good but I felt it needed some adjustments. Here is the recipe I now have in secondary. Take note of the special ingredients for the secondary fermentation. Chris’s “Thai One On” Thai
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