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The Great Java Mead Experiment

Here’s our disclaimer; This is all Eric Newqist’s fault. Just kidding, we had the pleasure of having Eric Newquist on the show a few weeks back to talk ¬†about his coffee mead. So taking from what we learned from him, JD and Bob, both who are absolute coffeeholics (we’re talking soaking in a hot tub full of Sumatra here), have embarked on an experiment to see if they can come up with their own version of
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JD Picks Up A Second Fermenter

I ordered another stainless steel fermenter from SS Brewing Technologies this week and it should arrive in a few days. SS Brewing Technologies has what I have found to be the least expensive stainless steel fermenters on the market. They are high quality, and if you take care of them, will last a very long time. I switched to stainless steel because of my concern with fermentation temperatures after a few failed batches directly related to high
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