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Cider Making For Beginners

  Cider Making For Beginners Taken from HomeBrewTalk.com with permission from the author, Lorena Evans. Cider making is very simple. But, simple is not easy! I wanted to answer a few of the top questions in one place, for new cider makers as these seem to be the most common queries. Fermentation: Your cider will ferment as much as it will ferment. Much of this is yeast strain dependent, as wine yeast will ferment a cider
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This is a hopped hard cider recipe that Mississippi Chris was talking about on episode 28. Perfected by Brandon O on the homebrewtalk.com forum, there is over 300 pages of information on this recipe. We would like to caution anyone who is attempting this recipe to follow it exactly for best results. The 300 pages covering this recipe in the forum includes tweaks done by other home brewers. If you like a clean, malty, not too tart
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Bourbon Barrel Braggot II

I started my second braggot using the Northern Brewer’s Bourbon Barrel Porter. Unlike the previous one where I added 6 1/2 pounds of wildflower honey, this batch includes the removal of 2 pounds of wheat malt dry extract, and replacing it with 2 pounds of wildflower honey. My plan is to also use 18oz of Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon, of which 2 ounces includes the liquid used for soaking American Oak cubes during fermentation. My
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