Bourbon Barrel Braggot II

Bourbon Barrel Braggot ingredients.
Bourbon Barrel Braggot ingredients.

I started my second braggot using the Northern Brewer’s Bourbon Barrel Porter. Unlike the previous one where I added 6 1/2 pounds of wildflower honey, this batch includes the removal of 2 pounds of wheat malt dry extract, and replacing it with 2 pounds of wildflower honey. My plan is to also use 18oz of Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon, of which 2 ounces includes the liquid used for soaking American Oak cubes during fermentation. My yeast of choice, staying with an ale, 11 grams of Danstar Windsor. Here’s the recipe:

6.3 pounds dark liquid malt extract

1oz chinook hops

1oz Goldings hops

2 pounds wildflower honey

1 lb lactose

Specialty Grains:

1 lb English Chocolate malt

1/2 pound English dark crystal

1/2 pound English black malt

The plan is to ferment at 65ยบ for 4 weeks, rack into a glass carboy with 4 ounces of bourbon soaked American Oak cubes, and 3 Madagascar vanilla beans. It will bulk age for at least 2 months, perhaps longer.