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Aaron’s Honey Varietal Experiment

By Aaron Martin, Contributing Editor The Experiment: Honey is the key ingredient that separates mead from other alcoholic beverages like beer or wine.  Perhaps more than any other ingredient, the type of honey used may have a more significant effect on the final product of a traditional mead than any other ingredient.  The purpose of this article is to explore this theory in more depth by comparing 4 different honey varietals in 4 different batches of
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By JD Webb One of the topics we covered on this week’s show was leftovers. Leftover grains, honey, DME, etc. So what do you do with them? Well, I had a few leftovers from a couple projects and figured I’d send the guys an email and list the ingredients I had and see what they could come up with. I heard from several of them, Jeff wanted me to caramelize some honey and make an “Oatmeal
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Bourbon Barrel Braggot 1 & 2

This is a braggot style mead that uses a kit from Northern Brewer. **Braggot number 2 is simply removing 2 pounds of DME and replacing it with 2 pounds of honey. This is the only difference. Yeast choice could include Danstar Windsor or Nottingham. Follow the instructions that come with the kit for making the beer part, see below for the honey and bourbon addition. Be sure and sanitize your fermentation equipment and anything that will
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