The Mead House Episode 36

Nuts, Tinctures and other stuff! Tony Cormier calls the show again!

From Ryan:

As I’ve gotten a little more into beer brewing, I’ve done a lot of research.  There are even college professors who have done extensive work in home brewing!

Here are the 2.5 tips I’ve learned to extract beer better, easier and decrease the chance of something going wrong:

  • LME and DME don’t need full boils, the only need to be sanitized.  Add them in the last 10-15 minutes of the boil and you’ll reduce the “overcooked” flavors, over-darkened flavors, etc.
  • Don’t do a secondary fermentation (on ales).  Leaving your beer in primary for four weeks v two weeks in primary and two weeks in secondary will have no noticeable affect on flavor.  Racking it from primary to secondary opens the risk for contamination and oxidation.
  • (Half Tip) If using dry yeast, don’t rehydrate; sprinkle on the wort dry.  Again, in a multitude of tests there was no conclusive evidence that rehydrating produced better beer, however it does pose a potential risk for contamination.

So there you go, make easier extract beer and braggot and reduce the time, effort and chance for something to go wrong.