Themed Meads

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about themed meads such as holidays, seasons, special days, etc. In the mead making world, July 4th is right around the corner and we had discussed ideas for recipes that would highlight this holiday. Summer time, BBQ’s, sunny days, picnics, cold beer and pickled watermelon rind made the list. Watermelon. What about a watermelon mead? Bob was quick to note that watermelon was one of those potential problem ingredients. After a couple discussions on the show, Aaron came up with an experimental recipe based off a popular wine making site. Without any endorsement by The Mead House, this is a recipe that has not been tried, but shows promise.

Jeff came up with a Halloween mead that also is a “brew at your own risk” mead. Trickster Tom utilizes smoked chipotle, blackberries and black currant juice.

Here is Aaron’s 4th of July Melo-Pyment mead:

3 gallons (figure I’d scale it down from 5 since this is an experimental recipe)

Five 59 fl oz containers of Tropicana Watermelon Juice

One can frozen 100% white grape juice concentrate

One to two gallons water

Wildflower Honey to top up to 1.120 SG

71B Yeast

Rehydrate yeast using Go-Ferm Energy

Follow your favorite nutrient schedule


Rack to secondary

Add thirty watermelon jolly ranchers melted in a pint of water

Bottle when clear


Trickster Tom

6 gal

Blackberry/Black Currant and Chipotle Mead

SG 1.120

FG (intended) 1.010

9lbs Blackberries (I will be using frozen, may up this to 12)

I qt Black Currant juice (May reduce to 1 pt)

Honey to SG (I will be using basic local wildflower/clover blend, these flavors are strong and don’t need more odd varietal notes added to the mix)

3 Chipotle peppers (I will smoke my own using jalapeno peppers from my garden, wood species I’m currently debating)


Fermaid O

Freeze/thaw cycle blackberries several times, introduce to fruit bag, and mix into primary bucket with small amount of water, crushing with fingertips to avoid breaking open seeds but pulping fruit.  Add black currant juice, water and honey to SG.  Pitch yeast, follow Staggered Nutrient Addition Protocol

Transfer to secondary

Cold smoke jalapenos, add 3 whole or sliced to secondary, let sit to taste.  For bonus points, you can also briefly age on lightly toasted wood of the same species of wood you used to smoke the jalapenos!