Flavored Oak Chips


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 As mentioned on episode 41, we talked briefly about an experiment to find out exactly how much flavor is contributed by using oak chips that supposedly come from actual liquor barrels. The directions say to use 2 oz per 5 gallons during secondary fermentation. It also encourages you to taste your product after 5 days to compare the flavor. They recommend soaking the chips in a similar alcohol if they dry out.

The 4 ounce bags are available from Label Peelers right now at a discounted price of $3.63 each, regular price is $5.18, so that’s a pretty good savings.

We’ve spent some time discussing using wood chips, cubes and staves in our mead and beer projects. How much flavor these chips will impart will be a topic of discussion on a future show. The question is, does it matter if you use actual barrel chips, or can you get away with soaking unflavored chips in your favorite liquor and get the same results. If any of our listeners would like to comment on this, or be a part of the discussion on the show, hit the Contact Us link on the website and send us a message.