The Mead House Episode 47

Aaron returns from his adventure to South Carolina, and on the way stops in at Schramm’s meadery to have a sip of the infamous Heart of Darkness $100 a bottle mead! Ryan enters one braggot in two separate competitions, one for mead, the other for alternative beer and medals! We go around the table with projects the boys are working on, JD has a “leftover” braggot recipe he solicits ideas for. JD also mentions an ancient mead recipe his sister found in a 1747 cookbook, “The Art of Cookery made Plain” by Hannah Glasse:

Take five gallons of water, add to that one gallon of the best honey; then set it on the fire, boil it together well, and skim it very clean, then take it off the fire, and set it by; then take two or three races (not sure what that is) of ginger, the like quantity of cinnamon and nutmegs, bruise (mix) all these grossly; and put them in a little Holland bag in the hot liquor, and so let it stand close covered till it be cold; then put as much ale-yeast to it as will make it work.  Keep it in a warm place, as they do ale; and when it has wrought well, tun (typo? not sure) it up; at two months you may drink it, having been bottled a month. If you keep it four months, it will be better.