JD’s Mixed Berry Mostly Blackberry

3 gallons of mostly blackberry & mixed berry mead.

JD’s mead project involving 6 pounds of blackberries, and 6 pounds of mixed berries, 4 pounds of light malt LME boiled in 2 quarts of water, and roughly 8 pounds of Utah high country raw wildflower honey. The OG was 1.132, using Red Star Montrachet yeast with a modified TOSNA using Fermaid O & K with DAP. It topped out at 1.020 at racking time, just a hair north of 15%. Tastes great, no ethanol burn, smooth, a smidgen sweet, I imagine will finish around 16 in secondary, will stabilize it if it wants to go any further.





1 gallon test batch with whisky barrel oak chips.

I managed to get 4 gallons out of it, reserved 1 gallon for a whisky challenge, dumped .7oz whisky barrel chips into a gallon carboy for the hell of it. Thought about soaking them, but didn’t want a big “bourbon” taste, mostly the wood. Also thinking of mixing up some oak tannin and dump in. ┬áMy next project will be a mixed berry Pyment with Zinfandel grape juice. Look for a red blend wine called Cooper & Thief, amazing stuff, heavily oaked, but nice fruity flavor. Would like to do a mead using that as an inspiration. Hence adding the wood to the 1 gallon carboy above.