Mason Jars on Episode 63

By JD Webb

Episode 63 includes Jeff talking about receiving and order of Fermaid O and how it was all muddled up in the package. Perhaps due to a small leak that allowed liquid in or condensation in the plastic bag. Ryan made the suggestion of using mason jars as a vessel for storing your nutrients and powdered and/or dry products for long term storage.

I also use mason jars to store all my dry products, even wet ones. I use them to store my .5 micron aeration/carbonation stones, all my nutrients, and I keep my packages of yeast in a pint mason jar in the fridge. Mason jars are also freezer safe for storing hops as well. Mason jars also provide a great vessel for soaking wood chips in alcohol. I usually keep about 8oz of oak cubes in bourbon and pull out what I want to use in a project. Mason jars, meant for brewers!