The Mead House Episode 64

The Mead House Episode 64
The Mead House

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Daniel Bauer from Kaw Point Meadery joins us tonight, also listener and Facebook friend, Zack Delashmit and his girlfriend Melissa join us to talk about his accidental braggot and brewing experience. Ryan solves the question of black currants, bet ya didn’t know there were more than one! Jeff sent Ryan & JD a box of homemade offering, included was an IPA Braggot. Jeff shares the recipe below.

  • 6.6lbs Maris Otter LME
  • 5-7lbs Basswood honey to SG
  • 1lbs crystal 10L
  • 0.5 lbs aromatic Munich
  • 2oz Apollo hops (pellet) (60 min)
  • Irish moss (20 min)
  • 2oz Cascade (whole) (20 min)

Steep the grains in 1.5 gal at 155 for 60 minutes. Follow hop schedule, dose with Irish moss per package directions standard for beer. Add LME last 10 minutes and stir to keep from burning. Cool to 90 degrees and add honey to 1.090, ferment with US-05.