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The Mead House Episode 59

This episode our guest is Thomas Eiibner, a former AHA National Meadmaker of The Year who medaled in a competition with a mead that was just 10 days old! Also, homebrew clubs, are they worth it? What are the benefits, and advantages if any. And finally, Ryan spoke with Brian Joas at HomebrewCon's Club Night about a lime mead that sounded like the perfect summer drink. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast with your favorite player, and talk to us on Facebook and Twitter @TheMeadHouse

The Mead House Episode 58

Carvin Wilson joins the boys to talk about his home brewing and philosophies, he was also kind enough to send us a sampling of his meads in a bottle swap. JD sent a box out to the crew a couple months ago, we'll get some feedback on his sample pack, and the Food Bible, if you don't have it, get it. It's an awesome reference if you're wondering what foods pair with other food flavor wise. Need an idea for your next mead? Flip the pages in this book, you'll likely see something that looks like it may be an interesting recipe.

The Mead House Episode 57

Scot Shaar, American Homebrewing Association (AHA) National Meadmaker of the Year, 2017 is our guest this episode. He's a distiller by trade, making mead is his hobby. Also this episode, Ryan sat down with James Spencer and Steve Wilkes of BasicBrewing Radio at HomeBrewCon 2017 and tasted 6 of Ryan's meads, and a tale of two honey's, surprising results in caramelizing two batches of honey for the same amount of time yet yielding two completely different results.

Bonus Episode: Competitions

Ryan and JD had a chance to sit down with Eric Lowe from the Texas Mead Cup, Susan Ruud of Hoppy Halloween and Andrew Adams of Orpheus Meadfest for some brief discussions on their competitions. It's not too late to get in on any one of these, so get your project packaged up and submitted!

The Mead House Episode 56

Susan Ruud from Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, North Dakota joins us as Mississippi opens the show! JD, Aaron, Jeff & Ryan dig into barrel aged honey and discussions on a Chocolate Cherry mead recipe. Don't forget to subscribe using your favorite podcast player such as Podcast Addict, or iTunes.

The Mead House Episode 55

Chris leads a discussion about some of the finer points of fermentation starting with the yeast. Jeff takes the next segment into the world of Brettanomyces after learning about JD's Mars project, and finally, ever use extract flavorings in mead? Beer brewers do, JD explores the idea of replacing fruit, juice & puree with extracts. Enjoy the show and don't forget to subscribe with your favorite podcast player!

The Mead House Episode 54

Carlos Bassetti joins us from Superstition Meadery in Prescott Arizona, and what's that growing in one of JD's carboys? Science session with the boys in this episode of The Mead House!

The Mead House Episode 53

Ash Fishbein joins us from Sap House Meadery, a discussion on keeping your mead cool now that summer is here, and what the crew thinks about conical fermenters. For 20% off enter MEAD HOUSE at Sap House Meadery. Good until midnight tonight.

The Mead House Episode 52

Ryan returns from HomeBrewCon 2017, we pick up where we left off finalizing our "cocktail inspired mead" homework that Ryan assigned each of us a few weeks ago, and JD has another DIY project he explains at the end of the show! Enjoy!

The Mead House Episode 51

Bonus episode! 2 hours with JD, Ryan, Mississippi, Jeff and Aaron! We spent some time with Michael Sedlecek and Megan Wannarka from Worker-B tasting 9 different honey's; Basswood from Minnesota, Printemps from Quebec, Honeytrees from Kentucky, Autumn Gold also from Kentucky, Cranberry from Wisconsin, Eucalyptus from Tasmania, Meadowfoam from Oregon, Buckwheat from Quebec, and Carrot from Oregon.

The Mead House Episode 50

Tonight we review a few meads sent to us by Ryan, mead cocktails, and much more! Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 49

Brainstorming episode! Started out talking freeze-dried fruits, and moved into some brainstorming for some fresh ideas on mead making. We covered the list of ingredients including Magnolia flowers, cucumbers, lemons, basil, nutmeg and a few others. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 48

Mississippi Chris joins us tonight after being AWOL for a couple weeks. Tonight, we discuss a question that a listener submitted about using enzymes in melomels to break down fruit, we also talk about another ingredient that's picking up notice in mead making, hops. Jeff & Ryan run us through setting up and hosting your own small mead tasting.

The Mead House Episode 47

Aaron returns from his adventure to South Carolina, and on the way stops in at Schramm's meadery to have a sip of the infamous Heart of Darkness $100 a bottle mead! Ryan enters one braggot in two separate competitions, one for mead, the other for alternative beer and medals! We go around the table with projects the boys are working on, JD has a "leftover" braggot recipe he solicits ideas for. JD also mentions an ancient mead recipe his sister found in a 1747 cookbook, "The Art of Cookery made Plain" by Hannah Glasse: Take five gallons of water, add to that one gallon of the best honey; then set it on the fire, boil it together well, and skim it very clean, then take it off the fire, and set it by; then take two or three races (not sure what that is) of ginger, the like quantity of cinnamon and nutmegs, bruise (mix) all these grossly; and put them in a little Holland bag in the hot liquor, and so let it stand close covered till it be cold; then put as much ale-yeast to it as will make it work.  Keep it in a warm place, as they do ale; and when it has wrought well, tun (typo? not sure) it up; at two months you may drink it, having been bottled a month. If you keep it four months, it will be better.

The Mead House Episode 46

Award-winning mead maker,Tom Repas, joins the show and shares some of his knowledge about mead making. The crew also answers a question about honey from listener Ben Duthu. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 45

Tonight we respond to a couple of listeners. Angie shares her concerns about the amount of honey used in a braggot for competition, and David asks about aging, bottles vs. carboys. Enjoy!

The Mead House Episode 44

BONUS EPISODE! The boys review a couple more offerings from JD, Mississippi Chris finally gets his Mazer Cup score sheet and says, "I wanted to make a close copy of Ken Schramm's Heart of Darkness which everyone could make using readily available ingredients and without the need to grow your own orchard. I bought some frozen fruit from Walmart along with some juice and concentrate, used some honey that JD sent me, put it in a plastic bucket from Lowes and ended up with a world class example of a mixed fruit melomel.  Mission accomplished." Plus, projects we're planning and idea sharing. As a reminder, the show will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks, we'll see you back here on April 25th! Thanks for listening!

The Mead House Episode 43

Aaron sent the guys at the table three bottles of mead from an experiment he did using different hops, Crystal, Calypso and Chinook. The Chinook hopped mead was clearly the winner when the night was over. JD had also sent out some meads, and several were reviewed by the guys with his Bourbon Barrel Braggot coming out the winner. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 42

We started out the show with a few facebook acknowledgments, then moved into a tasting session of a couple of JD’s meads. We also talked about steeping grains for use in meads. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 39

Back in the saddle, we open with Ryan’s trip to California, then a discussion on themed meads, recipes to follow in the coming weeks. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 38

Ryan talks about a 3 gallon Pyment recipe using 2 cans of Alexanders Gewurztraminer concentrate, and 3 pounds of a light honey like white clover, alfalfa or orange blossom. He recommends 71B for the yeast, and whatever nutrient protocol you usually follow. You’re looking for a starting gravity of anything

The Mead House Episode 37

We had a couple tech issues, but managed to save the whole show! Enjoy!

The Mead House Episode 36

Nuts, Tinctures and other stuff! Tony Cormier calls the show again! From Ryan: As I’ve gotten a little more into beer brewing, I’ve done a lot of research.  There are even college professors who have done extensive work in home brewing! Here are the 2.5 tips I’ve learned to extract beer better,

The Mead House Episode 35

JD's $12 crockpot that he paid $30 for, Mississippi Chris's $30 grain bill that turned into a $200 order, listener Tony Cormier joins us, and a lot more!

The Mead House Episode 34

These recipes are far from perfected, but provide a good starting point from which to build great session-style meads.  As a community, we would like to take these recipes and tweak, twist and make them excellent.  Give them a try, put your own spin on them and let us know what works, what doesn't and how to make them perfect.  The recipes can be found in the recipe section under Ryan.

The Mead House Episode 33

Welcome back! Happy New Year as The Mead House opens 2017 with a brand new show!

The Mead House Episode 32

We take a look back tonight at some discussions we had in the past! Merry Christmas, look for several recipes coming soon including Mississippi Chris’s Heart Murmur! We’ll see you back here at The Mead House on January 3rd 2017!

The Mead House Episode 31

Mississippi has a Co2 blowout then discovers a leaky Korny keg, plus a lot more!

The Mead House Episode 30

Fun show! Ricky The Meadmaker joins us for an hour of mead talk. Short discussion by the guys on a new project, Graff.

The Mead House Episode 29

Jason Russ, owner of Foxhill Meadery in Ashville North Carolina joins us on the show. Then, we talk bottles, corks, labels and gifting during the wrap up. Jeff mentioned a website for awesome labels, Here’s a couple homemade examples of the labels JD was talking about.

The Mead House Episode 28

Tonight was braggot and chocolate night in The Mead House!

The Mead House Episode 27

Michael Fairbrother from Moonlight Meadery joins in on discussions of braggots, cyser’s and ciders!

The Mead House Episode 26

The boys talk about equipment investment, Mississippi Chris has a real good Blueberry Cyser recipe, and more on the braggot projects.

The Mead House Episode 25

Free-for-all night here at The Mead House! Mississippi Chris, Jeff Shouse, Ryan Richardson and JD dig into the kitchen sink on topics such as ciders, beer, braggots and more! Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 24

Ryan Richardson joins the crew tonight as we talk cysers, braggots and gifting your brews. The picture is a label by Eric Bossick for a hibiscus mead he made.

The Mead House Episode 23

Tonight’s episode includes discussion on Cysers, more on the braggot experiments, Ryan Richardson joins us next week!

The Mead House Episode 22

Tonight we talked about cysers, and another discussion on our braggot project. Aaron was off tonight and we had a listenert call in, Ryan Richardson called in with some great ideas, and an offer to appear weekly on the show was handed to him! Enjoy!

The Mead House Episode 21

Tonight we continue with the braggot discussions as we get closer to nailing down recipes, Patti Maki gives us a call,

The Mead House Episode 21

Tonight we continue with the braggot discussions as we get closer to nailing down recipes, Patti Maki gives us a call,

The Mead House Episode 20

We continue our discussion about braggots, JD may have found the mead he’s been looking to make. Jeff submits a recipe he’s working on, and while we take a couple weeks off, we will finalize our braggot ingredients. Be sure and contact us if you would like to share, or

The Mead House Episode 19

More discussion on the braggot project, getting close to getting one started. Each of us is going to use an extract kit and add honey to come up with a good recipe.

The Mead House Episode 18

We begin to explore beer on the show tonight in hopes of coming up with a Braggot mead recipe that incorporates the same ingredients in beer brewing. An avid listener, Brian Funk, gives us a call, had some questions on oaking and PH. Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 17

Welcome to The Mead House! Tonight we talk about oaking meads, types of oak, and a few alternatives. Also, clarifying your mead, natural, SuperKleer, or whatever works? Sanitizing, a good habit to get into is rotating your sanitizers, we’ll tell you why, and much more! Enjoy the show!

The Mead House Episode 16

For those that missed the live show last week, we re-did the discussion on the coffee projects. We also talked about fruit, how to treat it for a melomel, and using spices. Jeff talked about evaluating a mead based on smell and taste. Enjoy!

The Mead House Episode 15

I apologize for losing the opening twenty minutes. I had some technical errors and had to cut off the front end. However, here is whet we discussed after we opened. The coffee experiment wasn’t going in the direction JD had hoped for, so he dumped a couple projects in lieu

The Mead House Episode 14

Special guest, Patty Maki, joins us tonight to talk about her Bochet, we discussed mead making standards and how they differ from recipes you find all over the internet. We have some advice and cautions when attempting to make the recipes you find.

The Mead House Episode 13

Tonights show we got an update on The Mead House Cherry Mead and some ingredients needed for part 2. You can see the post here for a complete rundown. We also talked a little more on Bochet’s and Braggots,  JD’s wild discovery after caramelizing two different varieties of honey, and

The Mead House Episode 12

Who doesn’t like a cherry cola?! Tonight, Mississippi Chris puts together a Cherry Mead recipe using cherry concentrate from Brownwood Acre Farms live on the show. Starting with sanitizing all the equipment, to slapping the lid on with the airlock. Also, JD and the boys talk Bochet’s and Braggots, reply to

The Mead House Episode 11

Tonight we talked about Melomels and Metheglins. But first, a thank you to Angie Colwell and her husband for listening to the show! Melomels, probably the most common of meads, we talked fruit, fruit puree, and then Metheglins, spices and herbs. Great show! Make sure and check the Hopper List

The Mead House Episode 10

Tonight we talked about experimenting with mead. This is one of the fun aspects of making mead, using different components such as varietals, fruits and spices, herbs, etc. Aaron talks about setting up a method, Designed Experiments in Mead Making, to determine several factors in one experiment. For example, if

The Mead House Episode 9

Coffee, Chemicals and collusion. The coffee experiment is fast approaching D-day, and it looks to be next week around June 1st. Chris and JD are set to begin their coffee adventure after selecting the Kenya AA bean for their mead. Meanwhile, Jeff and Aaron collude to implement a coffee mead

The Mead House Episode 8

We found a post by Robert Moreland on the Mead group facebook page about a cherry mead he was considering. Mississippi Chris has pretty extensive knowledge of cherry melomels, and we thought we would help Robert out a bit. He has all the right stuff, except the cherry puree. Sweet

The Mead House Episode 7

The show featured a discussion on aromas and flavors, mouthfeel using tannins, vanilla beans, oaking, and Chris’s favorite, ripe bananas! Jeff has acquired a bunch of homeless bees, he also talks about a “MacGyver moment” he has with a queen bee and a shopvac. You really don’t want to miss