The mead House Episode 64

Daniel Bauer from Kaw Point Meadery joins us tonight, also listener and Facebook friend, Zack Delashmit and his girlfriend Melissa join us to talk about his accidental braggot and brewing experience. Ryan solves the question of black currants, bet ya didn’t know there were more than one! Jeff sent Ryan & JD a box of homemade offering, included was an IPA Braggot. Jeff shares the recipe below.

6.6lbs Maris Otter LME
5-7lbs Basswood honey to SG
1lbs crystal 10L
0.5 lbs aromatic Munich
2oz Apollo hops (pellet) (60 min)
Irish moss (20 min)
2oz Cascade (whole) (20 min)
Steep the grains in 1.5 gal at 155 for 60 minutes. Follow hop schedule, dose with Irish moss per package directions standard for beer. Add LME last 10 minutes and stir to keep from burning. Cool to 90 degrees and add honey to 1.090, ferment with US-05.

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The Mead House Episode 63

Josh Mahoney joins us for this episode. he has won boat loads of medals and awards for his braggots and ciders. We also discuss what beer styles works for a braggot, and Ryan has exciting news that leads to a discussion about long-term aging.

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The Mead House Episode 62

We sent Ryan to HomeBrewCon 2017 in Minneapolis this year, and he talked to a few mead makers and fans at Club Night. It’s not too late to start a holiday project, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a good time to share a nice cider, or mead made with a few holiday spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, etc. And can you store wort or must for any length of time? JD, Ryan and Jeff toss it around the table.

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The Mead House Episode 61

JD & Jeff host the show, Ryan shares a watermelon mead & braggot with James Spencer and Steve Wilkes from Basic Brewing Radio , using some of Ryan’s notes, Jeff and JD talk about making a watermelon mead, JD talks about how it was important to own a carpet cleaner one night. Enjoy the show! Be sure and subscribe on Twitter @theMeadHouse and find us on Facebook. Leave your comments and questions, we’ll be happy to answer any questions on the podcast.

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The Mead House Episode 60

Matt Weide joins us for some discussion on Bochet style meads. Matt is a former AHA Mead Maker of The Year, and a Mazer Cup medalist. We’ll also toss around session meads, an alternative to the high gravity traditionally brewed meads. JD also asks the crew for some feedback on a cyser inspired by British dry ciders.

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The Mead House Episode 59

This episode our guest is Thomas Eiibner, a former AHA National Meadmaker of The Year who medaled in a competition with a mead that was just 10 days old! Also, homebrew clubs, are they worth it? What are the benefits, and advantages if any. And finally, Ryan spoke with Brian Joas at HomebrewCon’s Club Night about a lime mead that sounded like the perfect summer drink. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast with your favorite player, and talk to us on Facebook and Twitter @TheMeadHouse

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